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Our Approach and Services

We understand that your wealth is much more than a portfolio of stocks and bonds. Wealth Management and Advanced Planning give you a big picture view of your overall wealth. A comprehensive wealth plan provides you with a strategic approach to protecting and harmonizing the benefits of those various assets, often enabling you to realize your goals sooner.

Customized Portfolio Management

We customize unique investment solutions using world-class discretionary money management with diverse styles and investment mandates. We tailor your portfolio based on on global perspective, tax planning, cash management and wealth strategies.

Financial and Advanced Planning

Based on an in-depth understanding of your priorities,we follow an established and proven process to design a detailed personal financial plan. With your lifestyle in mind, we will coordinate solutions in areas of wealth protection, wealth transfer and legacy planning


Our Partnership With You


Our team specializes in getting to know our clients first before making any recommendations. Our goal is to have a deep understanding of your current financial situation, future needs and desired outcomes so that we can provide you with the most effective advice.


Our Consulting Process

At ELS Wealth, we provide financial planning and advice, combined with detailed wealth strategies to help you achieve your own financial freedom.

We adhere to a results-oriented schedule that ensure a disciplined approach to enhancing your wealth. Our Wealth Management Consulting Process has been designed to help you reach your goals by gaining perspective on where you are now and defining where you want to be. As your trusted advisor, we help individuals and families from one generation to the next.


We offer our client many different services depending on their specific and unique needs. Whether you are approaching retirement, retired, mid-career or are going through a life transition we can help

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